Reporting an Outage

When your power goes out, Marlboro Electric Cooperative reminds its members of our service restoration procedure for major, widespread outages. The co-op follows a plan designed to get the lights back on as soon as possible for the greatest number of members. One key point: If generating plants or transmission lines have been knocked out, our power providers must repair those facilities before we can get your power flowing again. Then we can repair and restore service on our distribution system.

We follow three basic steps:

1—Substations. Co-op substations take power off transmission lines for distribution around the service area. Substation damage must be repaired before co-op lines that send electricity out of the substation will work.

2—Distribution lines. The co-op then repairs damaged distribution lines that carry power from substations to communities, subdivisions and other groups of member homes.

3—Individual services. Focus then shifts to service lines to individual members’ homes. If your service line is damaged, you may have no power when your neighbor does. Let us know so we can repair it.

One situation that requires member action before service can be safely restored: If your home’s weatherhead, meter base or the conduit above it is damaged, it’s your responsibility to have those repaired by a licensed electrician. Then notify us so we can get your power back on. If your power goes out, call Marlboro Electric, (843) 479-3855. Please make sure we have your correct phone number in our outage management system.