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Marlboro Electric switches to LED outdoor lights

Marlboro Electric Cooperative (MEC) is the first electric cooperative in South Carolina to replace its high-pressure sodium outdoor lights to LED (light-emitting diode) technology for its outdoor lighting program throughout the system. 
“The LEDs require less service over a 10-20 year period versus the high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights that often need servicing every five years or less.  LEDs are more efficient and brighter, shining 180 degrees down with a less yellow glow, and with a more uniform dispersion of light,” MEC’s Vice President of Engineering & Operations.  “They are more expensive to purchase, but they have fewer parts to malfunction which results in less time spent by a serviceman repairing the outdoor light.”
“Marlboro Electric was the first co-op in South Carolina to start converting on a full scale from HPS lights to LED, even though a few other states are beginning to buy or have switched a few lights out,” noted Ken Carpenter, Regional Sales Manager of American Electric Lighting.  “LEDs are an energy savings that keeps cost down for its members and is financially sensible, especially with its longer warranty.”
“We appreciate Marlboro Electric for taking the initiative to research, study and compile data on LEDs to help save its members money and electricity,” said Barry Tompkins, Senior Outside Salesman of Cooperative Electric Energy Utility Supply (CEE-US), a cooperative owned by the electric cooperatives of South Carolina who serve as the central material supplier for the electric cooperatives, helping them purchase cost-effective equipment and supplies.